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Homeopathic Home » Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance 115
Hilal-e-Ahmar  (92-21) 721359
Edhi Trust (92-21) 2310066
Bomb Disposal ( 92-21) 2416626
Board of Secondary Education (92-21) 6619001
Chambers of Commerce & Industry (92-21) 2416091, 2415435
Civil Defence (92-21) 7728311
Civil Secretariat (92-21) 2632075
Export Promotion Bureau 111-444-111
Fatmid Blood Transfusion (92-42) 7225284
Fire Brigade Center 16
General Post Office (92-21) 210215
Government Transport (92-21) 
Civil Hospital (Casualties) (92-21) 7729719
Income Tax (92-21) 219511-30
Metropolitan Corporation (92-21) 299370
APP News agency (92-21) 210281
Police Emergency 15
PIA Flight Enquiry 114
PIA Reservations 111-786-786
PIA Cargo (92-21) 4572011
Passport Office (92-21) 5684351
Pakistan Television (92-21) 4931001
Pakistan Tourism Development Corp. (92-21) 5678334
PAF Recruitment (92-21) 524374
Pakistan Army Recruitment (92-21) 5180054-6
Pakistan Navy Recruitment (92-21) 56636704
Radio Pakistan (92-21) 7720761
Railway Inquiry 117
Railway Reservation (Cantt.) (92-21) 510178
Railway Reservation (City) (92-21) 510178
Sui Gas Complaints (92-21) 4934881
Time Enquiry 14
Telephone Enquiry 17
Telephone Complaints 18
Trunk Overseas Booking 102
Trunk Inland Enquiry 103
Phonogram 116
Overseas Call Booking 0102
Overseas Enquiry 0104
Telegraph Enquiry (92-21) 210669
Text Book Board (92-21) 771332
Weather Enquiry (92-21) 4572811
Wapda Enquiry (92-21) 210704

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Medicine Of The Day

Latin Name:
Calcarea Sulphurica

Common Name:
calcium sulfate, gypsum, plaster of Paris

Used for pus discharge and slow to heal wounds. A yellow film may appear on the bottom of tongue. Other symptoms include swollen glands and a burning sensations on the bottoms of feet. Symptoms are better in fresh air, and worse in cold, wet weather (Lockie 122).

Health Tip of the Day

Isabgol' and 'guar gum' are the best sources o fibre. The later will curb your craving for food while the former will work as a great laxative and flush your system.

Health Quote of the Day

There are three wicks you know to the lamp of a man's life: brain, blood, and breath. Press the brain a little, its light goes out, followed by both the others. Stop the heart a minute, and out go all three of the wicks. Choke the air out of the lungs, and presently the fluid ceases to supply the other centres of flame, and all is soon stagnation, cold, and darkness."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


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